Colour my world
with dance, music and traditions
WALES - November/December 2011

At our first meeting we changed materials (DVDs, CDs, booklets) about our schools, cities, towns and villages. We changed dolls in
traditional clothes or something similar.

TURKEY - March 2012

At our second visit we performed traditional dances and changed DVDs and booklets with instructions.

We also took plants, bulbs or seed to Turkey to start with the European Garden / Comenius Garden. Each partner brought typical plants from his country to give them to each partner.

SWEDEN - May 2012

At our third meeting we presented traditional food (a starter, a main dish and a dessert). We sent the recipes with photos and information to
Sweden 2 weeks before the meeting.

The Swedish school made a Common Cook Book for each partner. In Sweden we presented our meals ( a starter, a main dish or a dessert).

GREECE - September 2012

At our fourth meeting we presented the joint song in all languages. The German team exercised it with the pupils and made a video and the
DVD to give it to all partners.

HUNGARY - March 2013

At our fifth meeting we changed booklets and CDs with traditions, festivals and celebrations.

GERMANY - May 2013

At our sixth meeting we evaluated the Baseline questionnaire and worked at the Final Report.