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WALES - November/December 2011
In a classroom Elli and Jack Comenius group at the Welsh assembly At the playground Burcu and Madeleine Welsh teachers in the pub Changing presents – Dimitros, Petra, Britta, Mrs. Owenchang Changing presents – Burcu, Petra, Mrs. Owen Assembly Party at the headteacher´s house Heledd with the national flower Heledd and Welsh teachers Castle in Cardiff Welsh flag

TURKEY - March 2012
First lunch at school German and Turkish students exercise a line dance Young students are watching the dances At the ancient town of Ephesus Turkish and German students are making flags for the European Garden All partners put their bulbs or plants Now the plants and bulbs have to grow The job is done

Impressions from Turkey and Balikesir
2012_Balikesir_1 2012_Balikesir_2 2012_Balikesir_3 2012_Balikesir_4 2012_Balikesir_5 2012_Balikesir_6 2012_Balikesir_7 2012_Balikesir_8 2012_Balikesir_9 2012_Balikesir_10 2012_Balikesir_11 2012_Balikesir_12 2012_Balikesir_13 2012_Balikesir_14 2012_Balikesir_15 2012_Balikesir_16 2012_Balikesir_17 2012_Balikesir_18 2012_Balikesir_19 2012_Balikesir_20 2012_Balikesir_21 2012_Balikesir_22

SWEDEN - May 2012

GREECE - September 2012

HUNGARY - March 2013
1 - Hungarian students 2 - Hungarian dance 3 - Hungarian students making music 4 - students acting 5 - Anita, a Hungarian girl 6 - Welcome party at school 7 - the Welsh team is giving presents to the headteacher 8 - the Turkish team 9 - the Greek team 10 - Budapest 11 - In the Parliament in Budapest 12 - at a restaurant in Budapest 13 - in the chocolate manufactury 14 - in the chocolate manufactury 1 15 - in Györ 16 - in Györ 2 17 - in Györ 3 18 - in Györ 4 19 - Comenius group in front of castle Eszterhazy 20 - Last supper 21- at the last supper

GERMANY - May 2013
1-German students are waiting for Turkish students 2-Turkish students are coming 3-Preparations for the welcome party 4-Ready for the welcome party 5-The Hungarians have arrived 6-Welcome party 7-The school band is playing at the welcome party 8-First dinner 9-arrival  at school 10-Welcoming at school 11-Welcoming at school 12-Welcoming 13-Welcoming 14-Welcoming 15-Welcoming 16-meeting at school 17-visit in classes 18-visit in classes 19-visit in classes 20-visit in classes 21-visit in classes 22-Comenius garden 23-Comenius garden 24-Comenius garden 25-school band 26-at the school fete 27-at the school fete 28-at the school fete 29-Com. group at Alexanderplatz 30-at the dome of Reichstag 31-Bowling 32-Bowling 34-Bowling 37-Bowling 38-boat trip 39-boat trip 40-Farewell party 41-Farewell party 42-Farewell party 43-Farewell party 44-Com. group at the farewell party 45-Turkish students in front of hotel Comenius
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